Anime Ltd OOP Update: More Persona 3 CEs Going Out of Print, Three Titles Confirmed Sold Out

The out of print titles keep on rolling with more officially sold and gone.

Yesterday we mentioned that the shop exclusive collector’s edition box set for Full Metal Panic!‘s first three seasons would be next in line to be going out of print, well now there are more added to the list.

Today distributor Anime Limited have confirmed that the last two remaining films in the Persona 3 the Movie series; -#3 Falling Down- and -#4 Winter of Rebirth-, are now added to the ‘Soon to go Out of Print’ list like the first two films were.

Both sets are SRP £34.99 and feature the film on both formats in Japanese with English subtitles plus a translated booklet and artwork from the Japanese releases. -#3 Falling Down- was released on 22nd May 2017 and -#4 Winter of Rebirth- was released on 5th June 2017. Both Blu-ray & DVD discs are locked to Regions B & 2 only.

If you thought that was the end of the bad news well there’s more. The first two collector’s edition releases in the Persona 3 the Movie series; -#1 Spring of Birth- and -#2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream-, are now officially sold out with no more plans for any reprints. That means the only way to acquire these sets will be in either any other retailer such as Amazon and Zavvi or if you’re lucky Anime Limited might have some lying around at conventions.

In addition the Funimation UK Limited Edition release for OVERLORD has also officially sold out with no more plans for any reprints. Standard Edition Blu-ray & DVD sets are available.

Other titles in the ‘Soon to be Out of Print‘ section:


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