Anime Limited Reveals ‘Twin Star Exorcists’ Part 1 Home Video Details

Distributor Anime Limited have added a new update to their home video details for the release of Twin Star Exorcists, the 50 episode series from studio Pierrot.

The series will be released across four parts (one for each cour), like with the US release from Crunchyroll & Funimation. Currently Part 1 is available to view on their online webstore. Both English & Japanese audio with English subtitles will be included.

Part 1 will cover episodes 1-13, and the Blu-ray release will also feature a box that will house all four parts of the series. Similarly with Persona 3 and Sword Art Online II, the box will be the only version available until stock lasts across all retailers. The SRP for this release is £44.99.

A DVD version will also be available but as a standalone set with no box at SRP £29.99.

The release date for Part 1 is currently scheduled for 10th September 2018. The release dates for Parts 2-4 have not been listed.

The series is expected to use the same masters as the US release featuring exclusive on-disc Blu-ray extra features:

  • Hanae Natsuki & Han Megumi’s Twin Star Room 1-3
  • Opening Making-Of
  • Textless Opening & Closing Songs
  • Trailers

Plot synopsis via Anime Limited:

Follow the exciting tale of two star-crossed rivals as the fate of the world is placed in their young hands.

He vows to never use his incredible powers after surviving a tragedy. She wants revenge for the loss of her family. But when a prophecy states that 14-year-olds Rokuro and Benio will be the parents of the child destined to save the world, things don’t go quite as planned. While the unlikely duo refuse to be paired, more and more monsters known as Kegare are spilling from the mirroring world of Megano, and a familiar face from the past is behind it all. Soon, Rokuro and Benio discover that their powers are stronger combined, and before these two can have a baby, they’ll have to raise a little hell.

Twin Star Exorcists is available to watch on Crunchyroll in Japanese audio with English subtitles. The manga source material is available to read in digital and print by Viz Media.


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