Japanese Films at the London International Animation Festival 2018

The  15th London International Animation Festival will take place at the Barbican between November 30th and December 09th. There will be forums, workshops and over 200 animated films done in a range of styles, techniques, and materials from hand drawn to paint on glass, collage and sculpture and CGI. There are a lot Japanese films on offer in various sections and this post will list them.

December 01st: Amazing Animations for 0-7 year-olds

Konigiri-Kun: Music Box (2017, Dir: Mari Miyazawa, 5 mins)

Konigiri-Kun eats a super-sour pickled plum to wake himself up, then grabs his music box to show his friends.


Watercolors (2017, Dir: Takashi Yoneoka, 2 mins)

When the room is empty tiny watercolour paints jump onto the canvas.

Mogu and Perol (2018, Dir: Tsuneo Goda, 8 mins)

Two friends live on Yummy Island, where delicious food can be found everywhere!


December 01st: Abstract Showcase

Cosmopolite (2017, Dir: Rina Okada, 4 mins)

A subtle and softened x-ray tinted journey through an opaque, undescribable stratosphere.

December 01st: International Competition Programme 1: From Absurd to Zany

Rabbit’s Blood (UK/Japan 2017 Dir: Sarina Nihei 5 mins)  Website.

Two rival groups battle for survival underground – sinister cloaked men and neutralist rabbits.

December 02nd: Marvellous Animation for 8-15 year-olds

Cat Days 2017, Germany/Japan, Dir: Jon Frickey, 11 mins.

Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor. She diagnoses a harmless condition, but it shakes the core of the boy’s identity.

December 02nd: International Competition Programme 4:  Playing With Emotion

Waaah「2018, Dir: Sawako Kabuki, 1 min.

A baby cries and cries and cries. And then what? There is no substitute for the ultimate pacifier.

December 05thFemale Figures 2 + Q&A

CHROMOSOME SWEETHEART 「2017, Dir: Yano Honami, 5 mins.」

An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair, a running woman, a little girl walking along the river. In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.


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