Official DanMachi Twitter Reveals UK Release For Upcoming Anime Film

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion, the first anime feature film in the popular fantasy franchise, is headed to the United Kingdom and other territories, according to the series’ official Twitter account!

Animated by J.C. Staff (A Certain Magical Index), the film will open in Japanese cinemas on 15th February 2019, and will tell a brand new original story by the series’ original author Fujino Omori. Details as to which company has the license to the film here, or what scale its release will be are not known at this time, however, you’ll be able to find all updates as they happen here at Anime UK News!

As reported by Otaku Mode, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Inori Minase will be reprising their roles as Bell and Hestia respectively, while Maaya Sakamoto (Monogatari‘s Shinobu) will be joining the cast as original character Artemis:

Crunchyroll, who simulcast the original TV anime series, describes its story as follows:

Based off of a light novel of the same name written by Fujino Omori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda, Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is set in the world of Orario, where adventurers band together and look for treasures in an underground labyrinth known as Dungeon. However, for Bell Cranel, fame and riches are secondary to what he wants to find the most: girls. He soon finds out though, that anything can happen in Dungeon, and winds up being the damsel in distress instead!

The original light novel series, its spin-off Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?: Sword Oratoria and their respective manga adaptations are currently being published in English by Yen Press. A television anime adaptation of the original series was released in the UK by Manga Entertainment, with the Sword Oratoria anime being published by MVM Entertainment. The series also has proven history in the United Kingdom, with the Daily Mail previously claiming, in error, that Hestia’s infamous ribbon sparked a fashion trend.

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