B: The Beginning UK Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Details Revealed with October 2020 Release Window

Distributor Anime Limited has recently unlocked pre-orders for their upcoming Ultimate Edition release for Production I.G’s original anime series B: The Beginning. Below are the full details on the release contents, editions available and the specifications for the launch window and prices.

Release Date

Recently hinted during Cloud Matsuri and given a US release date by their US partner Shout! Factory, B: The Beginning will launch in the UK home video market starting Monday 5th October 2020 (and Tuesday 6th October 2020 for US) and will be available in two Blu-ray editions; an Ultimate Edition and a regular standard edition.

Ultimate Edition Details

The contents of the Ultimate Edition were revealed many months prior, but to recap here is what is included with the release:

  • Rigid box with a top-loader
  • The complete first season, episodes 1-12, across two Blu-ray discs
  • The show’s original soundtrack selection CD which features 21 tracks
  • 160 page Hardcover A4-size Book
  • 3 A4 sized art prints

Included on the disc are as follows:

  • English & Japanese audio with English subtitles
  • 5.1 DTS-HD MA
  • Interview with Director Kazuto Nakazawa
  • Pilot Film That Inspired The Series
  • Clean Opening and Ending

Suggested Retail Price:

  • UK: £129.99
  • US: $159.99

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Split-B
  2. Havoc
  3. Prickle
  4. Puzzle
  5. Reason
  6. Craziness
  7. Easygoing
  8. The Voice of the Wind
  9. The Spirits of the Dead
  10. Honesty
  11. Suddenly a Voice Was heard
  12. Rendevous
  13. Koku
  14. When the Ceiling Speaks
  15. After Him!
  16. Psychological
  17. Deporter
  18. Blow
  19. Farewell to the Black-Winged King [previously unreleased]
  20. Unveiling the Truth
  21. Sweet Fragments of Peace

Pre-order Offer

Starting Friday 3rd July 2020 at 5:00pm British Standard Time, B: The Beginning Ultimate Edition will be available to pre-order on Anime Limited’s store for £79.99 (or £72.00 if you have subscribed to the Screen Anime Film Festival) until Monday 3rd August.

A regular standard edition will soon be available to pre-order at SRP £39.99 and $29.97.

Info About the Series

B: The Beginning is a 2018 original anime series directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (Parasite Dolls) and animated by studio Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell). Other staff members include music composer Yoshihiro Ike (Dororo) and writer Katsuya Ishida. The series streamed exclusively through Netflix.

Anime Synopsis via Anime Limited:

“The tiny city-state of Cremona has been shocked by a string of gruesome murders. As only vicious killers are being targeted, and from an enigmatic mark left at each crime scene, people call this mysterious executioner, “Killer B.” When former detective Keith Kazama Flick is called back on duty after an eight-year-long hiatus, a new team assembles at the Royal Investigation Service with the purpose of putting an end to the bloodshed. But Flick appears burdened by too many ghosts from his past. And as a much greater and ominous scheme starts emerging, he will need to come to terms with them all.”

Source: Anime Limited


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