Manga Entertainment Schedules More Fairy Tail Anime Collections, Fairy Tail Zero & Final Season

UK distributor Manga Entertainment has announced their first batch of anime releases coming to the United Kingdom and Ireland territories for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Before we go over the new additions, we should clarify that the on-going situation with the world is still affecting production for the UK anime distributors, including Manga Entertainment, so the release dates below may change at the last second beyond the distributor’s control.

The new additions for the first batch are all dedicated to the Fairy Tail anime franchise! Since this month with the release of Collection 3 on Blu-ray, Manga Entertainment is dedicated to bringing fans the rest of the series on Blu-ray and DVD with more collection releases. Collections 1 & 2 are already available in their original fat case packaging design from back in 2014.

To recap, Collection 4, covering episodes 73 to 96, is scheduled for 24th August 2020. This collection covers the Daphne and Edolas story arcs.

Collection 5, covering episodes 97 to 120, is scheduled for 31st August 2020. This collection covers the Tenrou Island story arc. Collection 5 also switches up the quality from an upscale to a HD native presentation during the latter half.

Joining the release schedule is Collection 6, covering episodes 121 to 142, set for release on 5th October for Blu-ray (SRP £39.99) and DVD (SRP £29.99). This collection focuses on X791 and the first half of the Key of the Starry Sky story arcs.

Next there’s Collection 7, covering episodes 143 to 164, set for release on 26th October for Blu-ray (SRP £39.99) and DVD (SRP £29.99). This collection focuses on the second half of the Key of the Starry Sky and the start of the Grand Magic Games story arcs.

Collection 8, covering episodes 165 to 187, set for release on 30th November for Blu-ray (SRP £39.99) and DVD (SRP £29.99). This collection continues the Grand Magic Games story arc, as well as the art style switch from the 2009 anime series to the 2014 anime series.

Collection 9, covering 188 to 212, set for release on 21st December for Blu-ray (SRP £39.99) and DVD (SRP £29.99). This collection focuses on the remainder of the Grand Magic Games story arc followed by the start of the Eclipse Celestial Spirits story arc.

The remaining two collections; Collection 10, covering 213 to 239, and Collection 11, covering 240 to 265, are coming soon as well. Those collections will cover the remainder of Eclipse Celestial Spirits followed by Sun Village and the Tartaros story arcs.

If you thought that was over, there’s more Fairy Tail coming up with the next set making its UK home video debut for the first time – Fairy Tail Zero. Anime Limited and Funimation UK never managed to reach this part of the Fairy Tail anime franchise so this is a big moment for fans of the series.

Fairy Tail Zero is set for release on 5th October for Blu-ray (SRP £34.99) and DVD (SRP £24.99). In anime terms this covers episodes 266 to 277, properly wrapping up the 2018 anime series. The story of Zero is a prequel based on the 2014 manga volume of the same name also written by Hiro Mashima.

And it’s not over yet, because we also have the final season coming soon as well! Fairy Tail: Final Season will have four parts in total, matching the Funimation releases in North America.

Part 1 (aka Part 23 for those who have been following the individual releases) is scheduled for 9th November and will be released on Blu-ray (SRP £34.99) and DVD (SRP £24.99). This set contains episodes 278 to 290, adapting the start of the final arcs.

Part 2 (aka Part 24) is scheduled for 14th December for the same formats and SRP. This set contains episodes 291 to 303.

Parts 3 & 4 will be coming soon also!

This wraps up the first batch of announcements from Manga Entertainment. Stay tuned for what’s to come for the rest of the Q4 2020 anime schedule!

Source: Manga Entertainment Press Release


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