Funimation Streaming App Launches on Nintendo Switch in UK & IRE

Have you ever found yourself playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and, in frustration that Little Mac throwing himself off the stage cost you another game, just wanted to quit and watch some anime – hoping a bit of Horimiya might help you chill out? Well, now you can, as Funimation has announced today that their streaming app has launched on the Nintendo Switch eShop in the UK and Ireland.

Previously released in North America back in December 2020, the new Funimation app features a new design and UI that will be rolled out to the service’s apps on other platforms in the future. The app works in both handheld and docked modes, continuing to play if you switch between the two.

This means that Funimation is the first anime streaming app to be available on all major home console platforms, and is the first streaming service to launch on the Nintendo Switch in the UK and Ireland. You can watch a preview of the app below:

The Funimation app requires a subscription to watch on Nintendo Switch. You can find out more information, and try a free trial, on their website.

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