Scotland Loves Anime Festival Returns This October

The annual film festival Scotland Loves Anime is returning to the big screen with physical events in Glasgow and Edinburgh this year, the festival announced today via their Instagram account. The Glasgow leg will take place between 1-3 October 2021, with Edinburgh lasting from 11th – 17th October.

Founded in 2010, the festival has been dedicated to showcasing the best and quirkiest of Japanese anime films, regularly featuring UK and EU premieres of films that have ranged from future smash-hits like A Silent Voice, big screen adventures of popular franchises such as Love Live! The School Idol Movie, and historical curios like Momotaro, Sacred Sailors. The festival has also previously included Q&A sessions with directors like Makoto Shinkai. Last year, with in-person events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Scotland Loves Anime partnered with the now-defunct streaming service Screen Anime for a digital line-up that included In Progress features on Studio BONES’ Josee, The Tiger and the Fish, as well as Science SARU’s upcoming Inu-Oh.

The line-up and any guests for this year’s festival are currently unconfirmed, although Anime Limited previously stated last year that they would look into potential screenings for last year’s two cancelled films, Lupin III The First and On-Gaku: Our Sound.

Josh A. Stevens

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