The Abandoned Empress Volume 3 Review

In Volume 2, we left Tia frantically trying to change her destiny. But it didn’t matter how hard she trained with the sword, or what other steps she took, everything seemed to still happen the same way as in her past life.

Can she survive this time? She’s willing to do everything she can to make it happen. The changes are small and almost unnoticeable, but what she doesn’t realise is that the people who ignored her in her previous life are actually taking notice and are gravitating toward her.

Allendis, the son of the empire’s chancellor, can’t seem to stay away from her. But it becomes clear to Tia that he has ulterior motives. If only she knew what those motives were! Carsein, too, seems attracted to the young lady. The son of the commander of the first order of the empire knights also can’t stray too far from Tia’s side. He doesn’t know yet that he’s falling for her, but I’m all here for it. Crown Prince Ruveliss, who sentenced Tia to death in her past life, starts having a change of mind about her too. Not much by any means, but he starts to get more interested in her life.

With the same events as her past life repeating, Tia can’t continue to stay meek. She needs to make her wishes known, especially to her father because he’d go to the depths of the earth to see her happy. So when there is a chance to stop Tia’s engagement to the crown prince, he takes it. But we need to wait for the next volume (or volumes) to see if it succeeds.

I felt that there was more going on in this volume compared to the two previous ones. Tia is starting to take action and opening her heart to people who will stand by her side. Not everyone will continue to do so, and I’m certain she’ll face many heartbreaks because of this, seeing the flow of the story. But the authors are making sure that every experience, whether positive or negative, makes her grow. She still doesn’t know how to express herself, and the worries from her previous life are still present, but at least she’s facing her problems… mostly. Sometimes running away for a little can help heal.

Although the story so far gives us the idea that Tia will have multiple love interests to choose from, it’s way too early to see who she’ll end up with… if anyone. It would be a great plot twist if she decides that she doesn’t want any of the men, but then it wouldn’t be considered a romance manhwa anymore. I need to say that not being able to guess whom she’ll choose is irritating me. Although I found Tia annoying at the beginning, she’s grown on me, and I want to see her happy. However, I don’t think Allendis, Carsein or Ruveliss can make that happen. Well, there is only one way to find out.

The Abandoned Empress has some of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen for manhwa and manga. Not only are the illustrations beautifully drawn with bright colours catching the readers’ attention, but also the publisher treats us to something special—there is holographic foil on the covers for each volume. I really hope Yen Press will continue to do so for future volumes too.

There is one thing that I didn’t like about this volume, though. At the end of the manhwa, the preview for Volume 4 announces a release date in 2022, but Yen Press’s release calendar aficionados know that it has been moved to Spring 2023. Manhwa are released months apart, and it’s quite a struggle waiting this long in-between volumes when I’m used to monthly releases for manga.

The Abandoned Empress Volume 3, written by Yuna and illustrated by Ina, has been released as a print manhwa by Yen Press with an English translation by David Odell.

7 / 10


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