Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Volumes 2 and 3 Review

Iruma is getting used to life at Babyls. Although he’s keeping the fact that he’s a human secret as he’s in a school full of demons who consider humans a delicacy or mythological creatures (depending on whom you ask), he is able to make friends with Alice Asmodeus, the best first-year student, and Clara Valac, the weirdest student in the misfit class. The two demons seem to have taken a liking to Iruma and they can’t stay away from him.

However, his almost peaceful life is thrown into disarray when he meets Ameri, the student council president of Babyls. She suspects Iruma to be a human, but when she finds out he can read her secret treasure (I laughed so hard when I saw what it was) passed down by her family, she’s so enraptured that she puts her suspicions aside.

Now with the eyes of the student council president on him, Iruma is trying not to stand out more than ever, but with the first ranking exam already bringing him into the spotlight, thanks to the ring of gluttony he obtained, the next exam needs to pass smoothly. But the more time he spends with his demon friends, the more Iruma starts to feel at home in the demon world. He wants to succeed with his own abilities and find a place for himself. In the next ranking exam, he’s about to show his peers what he’s made of. He’s goofy and naïve, but when Iruma sets his mind on something, he sees it through. So, ranking exam, Iruma is ready to face you!

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Volume 3 cover

After all these adventures, the reader would think Iruma will be able to finally enjoy some down-time with his friends. If only that were the case. It’s time for the upperclassmen to start the hunt to have the first-year students join the battlers, aka student clubs. Iruma accidentally (or not?) bumps into the magical apparatus research battler president, a weak upperclass demon. As the goal of the battler is to create new things, Iruma decides to join, despite the ridicule that the other demons show to this battler.

Every single time I read a volume of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun I can’t stop smiling. Iruma is so cute, and I can’t help cheering for him to succeed in the demon world. He’s had a harsh life because of his parents, so here he’s finally spoiled by the adults, and he’s surrounded by people who love him. He might seem like a weak character but he’s not—he’s strong-willed, and ready to give his all to help his friends. Alice and Clara have also noticed this. The two couldn’t have more different personalities, but for them, Iruma is like the sun. They can’t help but gravitate toward him. And that’s not true just for the two of them. Anyone who gets to know Iruma can’t help but get involved in his life, for better or for worse, willingly or not.

In the first three volumes, there have already been two ranking exams, and I’m hoping that Iruma keeps climbing the ranks. It would be interesting to see how far a human can get in the demon world. For many demons, humans are a myth and only the high-ranking demons know the truth.

I tend to gravitate toward manhwa more than manga, but Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun is one of the few manga series that I still enjoy and follow. All the characters and the adventures that Iruma and his friends go through put a smile on your face, and they make you want to be at Babyls with them.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Volumes 2 and 3 are written by Osamu Nishi and published in the English language by Kodansha with a translation by Jacqueline Fung. Volume 4 is slated for release in October 2023.

Our review copies from Kodansha were supplied by Turnaround Comics (Turnaround Publisher Services). 

9 / 10


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