Anime Review

Tetsujin 28 Volume 1

Towards the end of World War II, Professor Kaneda put the finishing touches to a terrifying new weapon, but vowed to never allow it to be unleashed. Several years later it is inadvertedly reawakened…

• 4th May 2006
Anime Review

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Volume 9

As the battlefield moves to space, the crew of the Archangel find themselves caught between the two warring sides. With the Earth forces gathering all the forces they can at the moon, and ZAFT continuously…

• 17th April 2006
Anime Review

My Neighbors the Yamadas

The Yamadas are as typical a dysfunctional family as you could ever expect. Father Takashi, mother Matsuko, children Noboru and Nonoko, and grandmother Shige all live in a quiet little house …

• 12th April 2006
Anime Review

Witch Hunter Robin Volume 6

Robin and Nagira continue their search for Amon, and find themselves following a trail of breadcrumbs he seems to have left for them. As they follow up these new leads, more and more pieces of the…

• 2nd April 2006
Anime Review

Samurai Champloo Volume 3

The unlikely trio of Fuu, Mugen and Jin continue their journey across feudal Japan, continuing the search for “the samurai that smells of sunflowers.” Of course, the journey is …

• 31st March 2006
Anime Review

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Volume 8

The war rages on as Kira returns to Earth with his new mobile suit, the Freedom Gundam. After the Archangel and her crew escaped the Federation’s trap at JOSH-A, they are branded deserters…

• 28th March 2006
Anime Review

Full Metal Alchemist Volume 5

After the confrontation with Scar left both Elric brothers in quite a state, Ed and Al return home for some much needed healing, both physical and mental. Of course, it’s not long before …

• 25th March 2006

Beginners Guide to Macross

Throughout its relatively short lifespan, there are remarkably few names that are roundly perceived to be amongst the most important in the history of anime. While there are many titles that …

• 6th March 2006

The Ultimate Guide to Gundam

After what has seemed like an eternity, Bandai has finally begun to make one of its most popular and longest-running franchises available here in the UK. Yes, Gundam is slowly being made available…

• 2nd August 2005