Anime Review

Blade Of The Immortal Volume 2

In Blade of the Immortal volume 2, the supernatural samurai drama continues. Manji continues to assist the young orphan, Rin, in her quest for revenge against the clan who killed her parents. …

• 1st February 2011
Anime Review

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Back in the 90s Manga Video (as this was the dark ages of VHS) made their name by selling 15 and 18 rated anime full of sex and violence. Memorably they used to add extra swearing to their dubs to obtain…

• 12th November 2010
Manga Review

Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 35

The end is nigh. That’s what it says in big letters on the back cover. And indeed it is, as Samaurai Deeper Kyo draws closer to the final volume. It nearly didn’t end at all though, as …

• 30th July 2010
Anime Review

Astro Boy [Movie]

After a number of false starts and near misses, the past few years have finally seen the first Hollywood big-screen adaptations of anime and manga. However it hasn’t been the most audacious…

• 8th July 2010