Manga Review

Vinland Saga Volume 1

The historical manga is one genre that is traditionally not well represented in English translation. Sure, there’s plenty of manga set in the past (or in fictional worlds that resemble…

• 6th February 2014
Anime Review

Hellsing Ultimate: 5-8

Back in the early noughties, the original Hellsing was a big hit. The 2001 TV series was a lot of fun, and overcame the occasionally wonky animation (from the notoriously occasionally wonky Studio…

• 28th June 2013
Anime Review

Chaos;Head: Complete

Chaos;Head centres on 17 year-old Takeru, a massive anime otaku who lives in a storage container. So all-consuming is his obsession that he completely rejects “three-dimensional girls”…

• 29th October 2012
Anime Review

Roujin Z

Way back in the dark and distant past (well 1994 to be exact) Roujin Z was an unusual release for (what was then) Manga Video. The smartly satirical sci-fi comedy sat oddly alongside their mostly…

• 11th June 2012
Anime Review

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

I have fond memories from way back in the heyday of the original Playstation. I remember popping the black-bottomed discs into Sony’s little grey box and waiting for the fun to start. The…

• 5th February 2012
Anime Review

Gantz (Live-Action)

So far Hollywood’s attempts to turn anime and manga into major live action movies have either resulted in commercial and critical flops (Speed Racer, Dragonball) or have languished in…

• 14th October 2011
Anime Review

Highschool of the Dead

Supernatural creations are everywhere in anime and manga. Ghosts often feature, demons are dime a dozen. There are more vampires then you shake a particularly pointy stick at. Zombies, on the…

• 23rd August 2011
Anime Review

Sherlock Hound

Way back in the 1980s no one in the UK knew what anime was, except for maybe a handful of hardcore fans (and Helen McCarthy). Yet long before the days of simulcasts and specialist anime labels, there…

• 1st June 2011