Anime Review

Disgaea: Complete Series

“Whoops, I kinda went over budget” – Enta

Whilst video games have a low batting average when it comes to being adapted into other media (what with Sonic SatAM, Gungrave and the manga adaptation…

• 20th September 2010
Anime Review

Bleach Volume 9

 “It just keeps getting more complicated” – Rukia

So, how does one top the gripping finale to the previous set?

With a filler episode in the filler arc that does precious little to keep up with…

• 2nd August 2010
Anime Review

Bleach: Series 4 Part 2

Just as the Soul Society arc was a look into the why of Rukia, the Bount arc is the same unto Ishida and how he is dealing with the loss of his powers after the events of Soul Society. It’s this …

• 18th July 2010
Anime Review

Bleach: Series 4 Part 1

“Ever since the powers of the Soul Reaper were thrust upon me, my whole world has changed. Now I’m Ichigo Kurusaki, substitute Soul Reaper, and I’m combining my powerful spirit energy…

• 21st June 2010
Manga Review

Yokaiden Volume 2

Yokaiden is an American comic book drawn in what some would call the “Manga Style”. That fact alone has probably convinced a lot of people reading this review to press the back button and never give…

• 1st May 2010