Anime Review

Big O

The Big O has built up a frightening reputation since it’s inception in 1999, a quick glance at the staff list and it’s not hard to see why, the brainchild of Hajime Yatate, the creative…

• 21st August 2005
Anime Review

Orguss 02

When it comes to serving up nostalgia-tinged treats no other company’s back catalogue can come close to matching Manga Ent.’s unwavering slew of classic titles.Bolstering that…

• 4th August 2005
Anime Review

Gravion Volume 1

Being a veteran of such enjoyably, blasé cheese-fests as Detonator Orgun and the US version of Robotech, I thought I was in a good position to salvage at least a few minutes worth of entertainment…

• 26th July 2005
Anime Review

Trigun Volume 4

It is make or break for Trigun, as the show trudges ever closer to the halfway mark. Can the series leave behind the droll filler that plagued earlier instalments and at long last deliver the kind…

• 18th July 2005
Anime Review

Stratos 4 Volume 2

Whilst I derided Stratos 4’s lack of excitement in my review of volume one, I still found the show to be a pleasant distraction. With the prior volume ending on something of a cliff hanger …

• 11th July 2005
Anime Review

Puni Puni Poemy

The mad maestros behind ADV’s 1999 hit comedy Excel Saga return to wreak yet more havoc in the realm of unadulterated, schizophrenic humour they helped to pioneer. Those of you out there…

• 6th July 2005
Anime Review

Dai Guard

It is the year 2030, twelve years ago the world was ravaged by a mysterious enemy known only as the Heterodynes. The army commissioned the creation of Dai-Guard a giant fighting robot to defeat …

• 27th June 2005
Anime Review

Blue Gender: The Warrior

No one knows where they came from, some sightings date as far back as 2017. But during the year 2031 mankind was all but extinguished by this savage new lifeform.Known simply as The Blue, these horrific,…

• 14th June 2005
Anime Review

Trigun Volume 3

After the mild disappointment of volume 2 this instalment in the Trigun series has a lot to live up to, will it up the ante and finally see the series kick into high gear or will it be another helping…

• 2nd June 2005
Anime Review

Stratos 4 Volume 1

Stratos 4 follows the lives of four young  “Meteor Sweepers’ pilots who defend the earth from an all too common asteroid problem. They are part of a defence force created solely with…

• 1st June 2005
Anime Review

New Dominion Tank Police

I was extremely pleased when Manga announced this release, I still have fond memories of those insomnia stricken nights when I’d wile away the hours watching Tank Police on the Sci-Fi channel. …

• 27th May 2005
Anime Review

Excel Saga

Excel Saga is the anime definition of schizoid, an unashamedly lewd and infantile foray into the warped minds of Shinichi Watanabe and the creative team at JC Staff that pushes the boundaries …

• 9th May 2005
Anime Review

Chrono Crusade Volume 1

Once again Gonzo try their hands at gothic fantasy, this time though vampires in floppy fedoras are out and nuns with guns are most definitely in.

Chrono Crusade is a genre-bending journey through…

• 5th May 2005
Anime Review


Berserk is hands down my favourite manga release of recent years, an uncompromising blend of horror, action and war, this genre busting adventure has already taken Japan and the U.S by storm. …

• 20th April 2005