Anime Review

KARAS Volume 1

Lauded as anime’s answer to The Crow, Karas is a slick retooling of the superhero myth courtesy of anime impresario Keiichi Satou (who will be best known to western fans for his contributions…

• 9th April 2006
Anime Review


To call Rahxephon a, summarily captivating mecha adventure, or an existential science fiction drama, would be to sell the series short, excruciatingly so. This is the kind of show that defies…

• 13th December 2005
Anime Review

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

Regardless of how long you’ve been an anime fan I daresay you will have come across Mobile Suit Gundam in ones of its many incarnations at one time or another. Widely regarded as Japan’s…

• 12th November 2005
Anime Review

Trigun Volume 5

Touching down on the weird and wonderful Planet Gunsmoke for the fifth time, we rejoin Trigun at the all-important half way mark. Whilst this disc may include another helping of woeful filler,…

• 16th October 2005
Anime Review

Stratos 4 Volume 3

I’ve tried to enjoy Stratos4, I really have, all the ingredients for a terrific series are there, bubbly characters, a better than average plot and appealing if basic animation. Unfortunately…

• 4th October 2005
Anime Review

Turn A Gundam

Taking Place in one of Gundam’s many Alternative Universes (or the AU era) during the Correct Century, year 2345, Turn A Gundam chronicles the lives of three Moonrace teenagers, the silver…

• 10th September 2005
Anime Review

D.N.Angel Volume 1

D.N.Angel is a title that made quite a splash on the manga scene when it was released through Tokyopop late last year. ADV solicited the anime almost straightaway, yet it failed to attract the same…

• 24th August 2005