Anime Review

Cat Planet Cuties

When I go into these kind of shows, I expect fan service and a somewhat simple plot but Cat Planet Cuties attempts to add a bit more to the formula, injecting more action/sci-fi into the mix. While…

• 15th January 2014
Anime Review

Hal: SLA Screening Review

Nearing the end of Scotland Loves Anime, we were treated to two 50 minute OVAs to finish this year’s festival. The first was Hal, a romance/drama that was created by one of the popular upcoming…

• 22nd November 2013
Anime Review

Bakemonogatari Volume 1

It’s rare that you see a massive-selling title in the recent anime scene in Japan, unless it’s something like Haruhi or Gundam. However back in 2009, a little anime show called Bakemonogatari…

• 17th July 2013
Anime Review

Naruto: Shippuuden Volume 12

To be fair, it would be hard to top the episodes that were contained in the last box set and sadly, this twelfth box set doesn’t continue the great quality of episodes and stumbles a lot of times,…

• 30th May 2013
Anime Review

Dream Eater Merry

Dream Eater Merry has left me in the middle. I don’t know if I either liked or disliked it; it felt like one of those shows that has potential but loses it by the last episode. Its flaws range…

• 18th March 2013