I Hear the Sunspot Volume 1 Review
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I Hear the Sunspot Volume 1 Review

I Hear the Sunspot Volume 1 Review
I Hear the Sunspot is a very different work from A Silent Voice but just as worthy of your time for its characterization and bitter-sweet depiction of a nascent relationship. And the artwork is gorgeous. Recommended.
• September 14, 2017
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Finder, Volume 8 Review

Copyright: Finder no Mitsuyaku © 2016 Ayano Yamane

WARNING: This article covers an adult title and may cause offense. May also contain spoilers from earlier volumes.

“A photograph is neither

• April 10, 2017
Manga Review

Kiss Him, Not Me! Volume 1

Who decided the prince should be with the princess?

We’ve all (probably) been there, haven’t we? Our favourite character in a TV series is suddenly – and without warning – killed off.…

• November 1, 2015
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Love Stage!! Volume 1

It’s tough to be the younger son of a gorgeous model turned actress and a singer/talent agency CEO, especially when your older brother Shogo is the lead singer in a world-famous rock group. And…

• June 25, 2015
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Drug & Drop Volume 1

Drug & Drop is the long awaited continuation of Legal Drug, picking up with Kazahaya and Rikuo still working in the drugstore whilst picking up additional supernatural side jobs from owner…

• January 30, 2015
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Legal Drug: Omnibus

Legal Drug, the latest CLAMP manga to get the omnibus re-release treatment from Dark Horse, follows a pair of boys working at a drugstore. Kazahaya Kudo is a naïve young man with a special gift …

• January 7, 2015
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Wolf Magic

“Honestly, I wish there was just one person who actually loved me…I’m so tired of being lonely.” Manabu Natsume

Zippo Natsuki is another new mangaka in June’s Boys’ Love list,…

• December 13, 2014
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DRAMAtical Murder

This is an adult title. Please do not read if you are under 18.

Episodes 1-4 (Streaming on Crunchyroll)

“The future is like heaven, everyone exalts it, but no-one wants to go there now.”

• July 30, 2014
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Love Stage!!

Episodes 1-2 (Streaming on Crunchyroll)

Eighteen-year-old Izumi has it tough. His mother, Nagisa Sena, is a famous actress, his father is a famous singer-turned-impresario, and his older …

• July 20, 2014
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Crimson Spell Volume 1

 “Of the myriad of monsters I have seen, none have been as beautiful as this one.”

The capital of the Kingdom of Alsvieth is under attack by demons, so young Prince Valdrigr of Alsvieth, desperate…

• January 4, 2014
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Tableau Numero 20

“A painter who has the feel of breasts and buttocks is saved.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The yaoi artist known as “est em” has risen through the ranks of her field…

• November 1, 2013
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Hide and Seek Volume 1

“First the doctor told me the good news: I was going to have a disease named after me.” – Steve Martin.

SuBLime has recently been releasing the work of yaoi mangaka Yaya Sakuragi.…

• August 11, 2013
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Tokyo Babylon: Omnibus

Continuing their wonderful tradition of re-releasing CLAMP’s work in gorgeous omnibus editions; Dark Horse has brought Tokyo Babylon back to the West, a prequel to the infamous X, set nine…

• June 26, 2013
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Blue Morning Volume 1


“How do you know if it’s time to wash the dishes and clean your house? Look inside your pants. If you find a penis in there, it’s

• May 27, 2013
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Egoistic Blue

Egoistic Blue © 2012 Mio Tennohji/Libre Publishing Co., Ltd.

“The best way of reproducing the ancient Greek temperament would be to cross the Scots with the Chinese.” – Hugh

• April 23, 2013
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Ninth Life Love

Make the most of this title, fujoshi and fudanshi, while you can – because if, like me, you still prefer your BL manga to come in good old-fashioned paper book form, this is the last title (apart…

• January 5, 2013
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Secretary’s Job?

Thirty-something Takase is known as the ‘Legendary Secretary’, so the company president thinks that he’s just the right man to sort out his lazy and unmotivated son Toshiaki…

• August 4, 2012
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Castle Mango Volume 1

“A love hotel is a place to nurture love…and love wins against all odds.” Toshio Shirosaki.

High school student Yorozu Shirosaki helps his mother run the gloriously kitsch…

• July 25, 2012