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Review of Scumbag Loser

SAITEIHEN NO OTOKO -Scumbag Loser- vols 1, 2, 3 © 2012, 2013 Mikoto Yamaguti / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.

“Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and a loser at the

• November 23, 2016
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Re:Zero #1 Review

If you asked me which anime was being talked about the most from the Spring/Summer 2016 season then I’d answer without a doubt with Re:Zero. For better or worse the series has captured viewers…

• August 17, 2016
Karneval Volumes 4 & 5 Review
Manga Review

Karneval Volumes 4 & 5 Review

Karneval Volumes 4 & 5 Review

Circus has rescued young Nai’s friend and protector Karoku from the clutches of the sinister organization Kafka at the Smokey Mansion – but to Nai’s distress, Karoku doesn’t recognize…

• August 12, 2016
Manga Review

The Royal Tutor Volume 1

‘A comedy of educational proportions!’

Wienner, capital city of Granzreich in the late nineteenth century. King Viktor has five sons – but, aware that as the course of history…

• September 1, 2015
Manga Review

Karneval Volume 2

“There are two main types of Varuga. One type was created by Kafka themselves using cellular fusion. The others were mutated after being exposed to the blood or other bodily fluids of the first…

• August 18, 2015
Manga Review

Karneval Volume 1

“Whenever Circus does a big operation to catch some bad guys, they put on a show for the townspeople to apologize.”

A white-haired boy, Nai, is desperately searching for Karoku, the young …

• April 19, 2015