Psycho Diver Soul Siren

Bosujima is a psycho diver; someone with a rare talent for fixing broken souls and uncovering past traumas. Yuki is one his patients; haunted by past demons and torn between loyalties, not only is she a severe nut-job – but all this pain and suffering has caused her to develop some extreme physic powers.

As Yuki’s power continues to spiral out of control, it’s left to Bosujima to heal her metal wounds and discover the real cause behind all this nightmarish violence.

Playing out as kind of tech-noir thriller, with a dark atmosphere suitably crafted by the well-respected Madhouse Studios, ‘Psycho Diver Soul Siren’ is primarily let down by it’s attempt to squash an ambitious storyline into an extremely constraining 45 minutes.
By the time it’s concluded, you’re just left wondering “what was the point?”

For such a short feature, there is not nearly enough action in this, with us instead being treated to bouts of pointless character development and laughable pieces of extremely cheesy dialogue.

While the story should have been focussing on explaining the tragic past of Yuki and the conflicting relationships between her and her estranged parents, we are instead sidetracked by a rushed love story. By the time the inevitable conclusion finally arrived, I had just stopped caring.

It’s not that ‘Psycho Diver’ is a total failure; the love story is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this feature, it’s just the plot totally lacks the kind of focus you need to make an exciting action adventure.

I came away from this with no feelings at all. It just left no impact on me.

And to top it off, there is no original Japanese language track, so I was forced to put up with a totally average English dub cast too. Pants.

In Summary

A completely bog-standard horror ‘feature’ recommended only to the most ardent of genre fans.

5 / 10


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