Toby Maguire set to star in Hollywood Robotech movie

What with recent news of the Dragonball Z film, it appears that big budget adaptations of popular anime franchises are the in-trend right now, because none other than Warner Bros. (along with Maguire Entertainment) have picked up the production rights for the mecha-driven Macross hack-job “Robotech”; the intention being to churn out a live action “tentpole” franchise based on the sci-fi epic, funded as a reaction to the $311 million dollar success of Transformers.

Big name actor Toby “Peter Parker\Spiderman” Maguire (who owns “Maguire Entertainment”) claims “We are very excited to bring ‘Robotech’ to the big screen… There is a rich mythology that will be a great foundation for a sophisticated, smart and entertaining film.” Unsurprisingly, Maguire is being touted for the lead role.

But that’s not all on the live-action front because skilled director Andrzej Bartkowiak will be drenching another version of Street Fighter with his creative juices. Bartkowiak’s previous credits include critically-acclaimed romantic comedies like Doom! and Cradle to the Grave, so we’re expecting something special from this exciting collaboration of talent.


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