Anime Review

Black Cat Volume 5

Black Cat’s penultimate volume sees Train and his fellow sweepers make the final confrontation with Creed and the Apostles of the Stars. The upcoming battle becomes more complicated …

• 28th February 2009
Anime Review

Black Cat Volume 4

Black Cat continues to be a game of two halves as it divides its time between the Apostles of the Stars with their plans to surpass Chronos and the more trivial day-to-day adventures of Train and …

• 12th December 2008
Anime Review

Berserk Volume 6

Guts decides to rejoin the Band of the Hawk before they decide to embark on a daring attempt to rescue Griffith. What follows should be a joyful reunion but instead becomes something nobody could…

• 5th December 2008
Anime Review

Berserk Volume 5

As consistently brilliant as it is, I’m reluctant to say that this volume is another turning point in the Berserk story. The thing is, not only each successive volume but every episode seems…

• 6th November 2008
Anime Review

Submarine 707R

In light of recent maritime incidents at the hands of terrorist faction USR, eleven countries across the world form a coalition force, the Peace-Keeping Navy (PKN). During the inauguration …

• 24th October 2008
Anime Review

Black Cat Volume 3

Black Cat redeems itself somewhat in its third volume as the supposed filler episodes add interesting details to the story overall and things really begin to move quickly in regards to Creed and…

• 21st October 2008
Anime Review

Berserk Volume 4

Berserk seems to be reaching a turning-point as the war between Midland and Chuder focuses on a decisive battle for control of the Doldery stronghold. Following their brave and lucky escape at…

• 20th October 2008
Anime Review

Black Cat Volume 2

I’m in two minds about the second instalment of Black Cat. This volume contains a drastic and jarring change in tone that results from a significant and quite shocking plot development:…

• 15th September 2008
Anime Review

Berserk: White Hawk

Guts carries out the mission Griffith set for him but events take an unexpected and bloody turn. Unfortunately nobody has much time to dwell on the ramifications because the Band of the Hawk are…

• 19th August 2008
Anime Review

Black Lagoon Volume 3

Black Lagoon rounds off the First Barrage with rip-roaring conclusion to the Unstoppable Housemaid arc before following the crew as they embark on a mission set by the Triads that pits them against…

• 15th August 2008
Anime Review

Black Lagoon Volume 2

Black Lagoon is shaping up to be both a gritty and satisfying action show and also a fascinating character-driven piece that’s placing plenty of emphasis on the contrasting personalities of …

• 22nd July 2008
Anime Review

Gunbuster 2

After following this series via fansub I was keen to revisit the second Gainax tale of Angsty Girls in Space battling hoardes of invading alien space monsters in order to save the Earth. As with …

• 15th July 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 10

And so we reach the end of the road for Renton, Eureka, the Gekkostate and the others as the final confrontation with the true nature of the Coralians looms: Dewey swings his plan into action while…

• 19th June 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 9

The penultimate volume unsurprisingly ups the ante in terms of exposition and tension as Eureka, Renton and the kids are led by Norb to the inner sanctum of the Voderac and, following a meeting …

• 17th April 2008
Anime Review

Eureka Seven Volume 8

The relationship between Renton and Eureka runs into more problems while Norb, the Voderac priest, offers important insights into the Coralians and how their existence is tied to humans and …

• 31st March 2008
Anime Review

Berserk Volume 2

A run-in with an immortal demon-warrior named Zodd, an assault on a strategically significant fortress and underhand court politics present both problems and opportunities for Guts, Griffith…

• 23rd March 2008