Robotech Movie project back on again

Reports have come in saying that the proposed movie version of controversial mecha anime Robotech is back on the cards.

Back in 2013 it was said that Nic Mathieu (now currently directing the forthcoming supernatural action film Spectral) was going to direct the film, but nothing seemed to come from it.

Now, according to the website Deadline Hollywood producers Hollywood Gang, who are owned by Warner Bros., are considered to make a film. They report that it will be produced by Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton, with a script written by Michael Gordon, who has previously wrote the screenplays for 300 and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. A director has not been named, but rumours suggest that the producers are considering Andres “Andy” Muschietti (Mama). 

Robotech is one of the most divisive anime ever made. Fans of the series praise it for being one of the first anime ever televised in the west and praise its complex storyline. Others hate it for combining three different anime series together, which are now incredibly difficult to see in the west in their original form, as well as controversy concerning the production company Harmony Gold.

Source: Deadline Hollywood and Den of Geek

Ian Wolf

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