Hollywood adaptation of Death Note confirmed, MW live action

Another live action adaptation of Death Note is in the works, but this time, it’s a Hollywood-based project. The rights have been snapped up by movie producers Vertigo Entertainment, famous for their involvement in the many US adaptations of Asian horror movies (including the popular remakes of the Grudge and the Departed (a remake of Infernal Affairs)). The two names attached to the project so far are writers Vlas and Charles Parlapanides, neither of which have much experience.

Also, earlier in the week, another live action adaptation was announced, though this one will be in Japanese; Osamu Tezuka’s MW. Many will associate Tezuka’s work with the famous children’s TV series Astro Boy, but MW is for adults-only. It involves rape, sadism, murder; all kinds of controversial, dark and disturbing subject matter.

Finally, an extended clip spliced from the 20th Century Boys live action movie been posted on Twitch. This is an adaptation of Naoki (“Monster”) Urasawa’s popular sci-fi/mystery manga.


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