Death Note Volume 13

‘Death Note’ reached its conclusion in volume twelve’s battle royale of wits. Concluding with the death of the Kira volume twelve after a fantastic final showdown and that demonstrated just how great the ‘Death Note’ saga actually is. However have you ever wondered what Ohba was trying to say by introducing one element or another? Perhaps you wondered what inspired the design of a certain character within ‘Death Note’? Well, ‘Death Note: How to Read’ is the book to refer too.

Indeed with the book’s in-depth interview with ‘Death Note’ creator Tsugumi Ohba and, the artist who created the distinctively Gothic aesthetic, Takeshi Obata, an examination of the characters, chapter titles and having an unrivalled access to Ohba who sheds light on many of the complexities of the series.
This is perhaps what is the most important part of the book. Ohba’s insight into his story not only peels away at some of the more intricate pieces of the puzzle but explores how he crafted the story. Indeed the in-depth interview combined with the very honest ‘Death Note Truths’ really makes this publication an necessary part of a ‘Death Note’ fan’s collection.
Perhaps you wish to read more the art? Well, another in-depth interview with Takeshi Obata is, again, what makes the book an important asset for any ‘Death Note’ fan. These two vital segments of the book combined with the actual ‘Death Note’ pilot for Shonen (Weekly) Jump magazine makes this a must for the ‘Death Note’ fan.
The presentation of the book is brilliant and although a little squashed together on occasion, serves as an excellent springboard into exploring ‘Death Note’ series. In essence this volume is not an essential for casual fans of ‘Death Note’ as it contains no continuation of the story. However for fans of the story it is essential as it gets into the minds behind ‘Death Note’ and also contains the pilot.

8 / 10