Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 6

ATTENTION: Spoilers below!

What can I say about this volume of ‘Parasyte’ other than “page turner”? This volume, I believe, actually has Iwaaki capturing the essence…

• 17th October 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 5

Hitoshi Iwaaki continues to impress in this next volume of ‘parasyte’ by continuing to plunge his protagonist into a series of devilishly drawn out duels with human and Parasyte…

• 12th July 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 4

This review will contain spoilers of a salient kind! Do not read any further if you do not wish to know them!

It feels really good to be coming back, after some time, to review the fourth volume of ‘Parasyte’.…

• 28th June 2009
Anime Review

Starship Operators Volume 1

“Reality TV” Ron Simon, an American Television Studies academic, says “could be posited as the first post-modern genre, where nothing-identity, lifestyle, or relationships-is fixed; everything…

• 16th May 2009
Anime Review


‘Vexille’ is one of a number of anime being produced with CGI as opposed to conventional cell drawn animation and is a scrumptious example of what exactly can be done with CG animation.…

• 22nd April 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 3

‘Parasyte’ is now in its third volume. This volume covers Shinichi’s exploits with regards to who he is attached to by the red string of love but also this volume is an attempt…

• 12th March 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 2

This volume of ‘Parasyte’ is an extremely harrowing read. It is a territory not explored by myself in the medium of manga or anime because of its extremely, not only dramatic but, …

• 18th January 2009
Manga Review

Parasyte Volume 1

 ‘Parasyte’ is a reasonably well realised synthesis of drama, action and philosophy. Hitoshi Iwaaki’s story follows the journey of protagonist Shinichi as he deals with…

• 1st December 2008
Manga Review

Death Note Volume 13

‘Death Note’ reached its conclusion in volume twelve’s battle royale of wits. Concluding with the death of the Kira volume twelve after a fantastic final showdown and that…

• 18th September 2008
Manga Review

Death Note Volume 12

‘Death Note’ enters its twelfth, and final, volume as if it were a chess game nearing its own conclusion with everything in the balance. This volume pits the two geniuses against …

• 4th September 2008
Manga Review

Death Note Volume 11

‘Death Note’ enters its eleventh, and penultimate, volume of the chess like game being played out between Light and Near. In the world of ‘Death Note’ society believes Light, now the new L, and …

• 31st August 2008
Manga Review

Death Note: デスンート

‘Death Note’ (デスンート) is the story of Light Yagami and his quest to create a better and more just society for humanity than is being offered by Japanese society and those other societies…

• 27th July 2008
Manga Review

Claymore Volume 3

‘Claymore’ volume three is basically Yagi coming back into form. This volume begins to really unravel Claire’s past whilst simultaneously setting up her future. The conclusion to the long and…

• 7th July 2008
Manga Review

Claymore Volume 2

Following on from the death of Elena and Raki becoming Claire’s cook they both travel to Rabona which is a holy city where there is a huge religious community. A Yoma is present here however holy …

• 30th June 2008
Manga Review

Claymore Volume 1

Norihiro Yagi’s ‘Claymore’ (クレイモア) is a dark and brooding story chronicling the journey of Claire, a Claymore (a half-breed of Human and Yoma), through her miserable job of destroying Yoma, …

• 24th June 2008