Promo Trailer for CG Anime Captain Harlock

A promo trailer for the CG anime version of Captain Harlock has been screened at the recent International Animation Film Festival.

It was known that Toei has been working on the 3D feature film of Leiji Matsumoto’s legendary space pirate, Captain Harlock but so far has only released a few images. Now they have shown the first footage from the film in a trailer that was first screened during the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy, France.

Although the video commentary is in French the animation is clear to see and shows exciting action scenes from the forthcoming Captain Harlock movie thought to be going into exhibition in 2012/13. According to the French website Catsuka, the film will act as popularity tester for a possible television spin-off. The website also gave information on the production crew which includes Shinji Aramaki (director of Appleseed) and Atsushi Takeuchi (mecha designer on Appleseed). The video also includes a few comments from Leiji Matsumoto although you will need to understand French.



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