Gothicmade Trailer

Kadokawa posted a short trailer (17 seconds) for Mamoru Nagano’s anime movie, Hana no Utame Gothicmade which will go on theatrical release next spring.

Carmine is a tiny colony world under the harsh control of the ruling interplanetary league. It would be unremarkable except that this planet special is that it has a special tradition: young women known as Sonstresses inherit and pass down the memories of the generations that came before them. They then use this knowledge to help the people of their planet.

A 16-year-old named Bellin Ajelli has been reborn as a songstress and must set out on a holy pilgrimage across the planet to the capital. After hearing rumours of a possible terrorist attact the militant Donau Empire send Prince Truhallon to protect her but he is the antitheis of everything Bellin believes in. The two are stuck together on their journey to the capital of Carmine.

Originally announced in 2006, this project is the directorial debut of designer and manga creator Mamoru Nagano, best known for his mecha saga Five Star Stories.

Nagano has played a major part in the project by handling the writing, storyboarding and animation. His wife, Maria Kawamura who was the VA for Naga in Slayers is providing one of the voices. The film also marks 65 years since the founding of Kadokawa.


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