Misfortune of a Certain Zombie Girl Trailer

Kadokawa Shoten is streaming a teaser trailer for the anime adaptation of Ryō Ikehata’s Misfortune of a Certain Zombie Girl (Aru Zombie Shōjo no Sainan) light novel series.


One day during the summer vacation, six undergraduate students accidentally wake up the beautiful Italian zombie girl named Jufrosine, who had been sleeping in the basement of their university. As if waking a zombie wasn’t bad enough, the six steal her ‘secret stone’ which is necessary to maintain the integrity of her body. A maid named Aruma informs tells her, “Madam, kill the students and retrieve the ‘Secret Stone.'” This sets in motion Jufrosine’s hunt for the students but they won’t go quite so easily.

This is billed as a ‘violent survival comedy’ and it comes from Ryō Ikehata who might be familiar to readers from his work on the Blood+ novel. This is his most recent work – the first two volumes of the light novel series went on sale last week.

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