Attack on Titan, Tiger & Bunny: The beginning + more licensed at MCM comiccon

During the anime industry panel at the MCM Comic-con this weekend, MangaUK, Anime Limited, MVM and ViZ all announced their new license acquisitions, although Anime limited where only able announce one of their two licenses during the weekend, as Andrew Partidge was unable to attend the industry panel for Sunday. 

MangaUK picked up the extremely popular Attack on Titan series, which they hope to get to us as soon as possible, though still expect it to be a release for next year. They also went onto announce that they have picked up the live action adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato. which they plan to release on August the 19th this year. During the Q&A section, they also let slip that they have the license to the film Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works set for release on August 26th for both Blu-Ray and DVD. They also have plans to release a Limited Edition box set for Dragonball Z for christmas, they have the license for One Piece collections 5-8 and that Kaze UK have the rights to Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail and will release on DVD/Blu-Ray, but have no dates as of yet.

MVM are set to re-release Daphne in the Brilliant Blue now they have it re-licensed, they rescued Pumpkin Scissors and Red Garden from ADV and also picked up new licenses in the form of Shangri-la, Heaven’s Memo Pad and [C]: Control. No dates or details given for release as of yet.

Anime Limited only where able to announce one of their titles this weekend, that being Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, set for a release later in the year.

Finally ViZ media where present at the industry panel as well and announced that they have the licenses to release The Legend of Zelda manga and Magi will be starting it’s release in October. They also brought up Bakuman being released as a full box set, One Piece is getting a 1-26 box release which covers the entire first main arc and brought up the Tiger & Bunny manga and T&B: The Beginning manga.