UK Anime & Manga Christmas Gift Guide 2013

With only several sleeps to go until Christmas Day, everyone is either really organized with their shopping, having all the presents wrapped and ready to give, or they’re scrambling around in shops trying to grab anything that looks somewhat gift worthy. If you’re in the latter category and struggling, then allow me to list some of this year’s anime and manga highlights as present ideas. Take a scroll down and hopefully you’ll find something well suited to put under your loved ones’ tree.

Sailor Moon manga box sets

Read one of the most beloved shojo mangas from start to finish. All 12 volumes are now packaged up in these delightful boxes (making it much easier to wrap up) or you can buy them individually, maybe finish the collection for someone who’s already got a few volumes.

Dragonball Z

The ultimate and iconic shounen series is now available on DVD. All nine seasons are out in the UK for the first time thanks to Manga Entertainment. Why not  grab all seasons and marathon them over the Christmas holidays? Just be careful not to watch with breakable china nearby…

Cowboy Bepop

It’s one of the greatest anime series of all time; if you or a friend were to ever own a copy, grab this brilliant Blu ray set, out now via Anime Ltd. Also available on DVD.

Oblivion Island

A delightful Alice-in-Wonderland type of adventure for the whole family with stunning animation that matches Pixar’s calibre; a perfect movie to slap onto the TV once you’re full of turkey. DVD and Blu ray/DVD double play copies are available.

From Up on Poppy Hill

Studio Ghibli’s latest DVD/Blu-ray offering is a little different from their vast library; a sweet tale of young love between a young boy and girl that ties in with the discovery of a secret they both share. It’s sure to warm up your home on Christmas with its jazz-inspired score and lovable characters.

Code Geass

One of the most talked about and daring anime series was re-released on Blu-ray this year courtesy of Manga Entertainment. 50 episodes of epic mecha action, grand schemes, a vast cast of characters, and ‘gotcha’ moments – perfect to binge watch over the holidays if you don’t find anything you fancy on Netflix.

Perfect Blue

One of the late Satoshi Kon’s most memorable films was re-issued this year from Anime Ltd as this gorgeously put together DVD & Blu-ray combi pack. A standard DVD release is also available.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Anime UK News.


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