Podcast XIV: Fujiko is Mine

Hang onto your valuables, this time we’re delving into the car, treasure and girl chasing world of Lupin III. Or are we?

Direct: Nakama Britannica 14: The Podcast Called Fujiko Mine

iTunes: Nakama Britannica 14: The Podcast Called Fujiko Mine

To mark the upcoming UK release of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, we’re taking a closer look at anime’s first lady of crime, and how she’s evolved over the course of the Lupin franchise. Joined for this one by our special guest, Sy, we’re starting with a review of the new Fujiko series, after which the podcast will attempt to discuss Fujiko’s character in the Lupin manga, the tv series and those films that give her a significant role.

Despite any confusing statements Alan may have made early on, this episode is entirely spoiler free. Major thanks also to ConanThe3rd for his work on the edit for this one.

A viewing list of Lupin films & specials was drawn up prior to recording and, while they may not all be discussed equally, part 2 of this episode will refer mainly to:

The Castle of Cagliostro
The Secret of Mamo
Farewell Nostradamus
The Columbus Files / Fujiko’s Unlucky Days
The Return of Pycal
Episode 0: First Contact
Stolen Lupin