Anime Review

Black★Rock Shooter

In the real world the hero Mato is being force-fed macarons by the creepy villain Kagari and generally trying to save all her classmates from their traumatic personal problems. Meanwhile,…

• 31st August 2013

Podcast XI – Clan Aid!

By special request of Otaku-san, we take time out from our usual diet of blood, guts and carnage to discuss popular visual novel adaptation, Clannad. Along with the original series we’ll also …

• 24th November 2012
Manga Review

Princess Knight Volume 2

This review covers all volumes of Princess Knight.

Tezuka was not afraid to try anything. Alongside shounen, seinen, gekiga, political works, psychological, medical dramas, fantasy, and …

• 8th February 2012
Manga Review

Pluto Volume 8

This review covers all eight volumes of Pluto.

I imagine Naoki Urasawa suffered butterflies the first time it truly dawned on him that he was about to adapt Osamu Tezuka’s flagship work,…

• 17th January 2012
Anime Review


Through happy coincidence, I ended up watching Redline the same week as I did Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Both are adamantly hand-drawn throwbacks defying the computer-oriented…

• 13th November 2011
Manga Review

Domu: A Child’s Dream

My first thought upon turning the last pages of Domu was that the manga has magnificent action. The second was that it doesn’t have much else. I point especially to the first act, which, comprising…

• 3rd October 2011
Anime Review

TO: 2001 Nights OVA

Space has become the new battlefield for old wars. This disappointing fact of the future underscores the two distinct episodes of TO: 2001 Nights. They posit that despite advancing technologically…

• 26th September 2011
Manga Review


A child’s world is one of reliable laws that define what is meaningful and worthless, success and failure, black and white. In comparison, the adult world, often viewed in youth as the ultimate…

• 5th August 2011