Crunchyroll and Kodansha team up for digital manga service

Today, anime streaming website Crunchyroll announced that they have formed a partnership with the Japanese manga publisher Kodansha, expansing their website from just anime and drama simulcasts to manga with Crunchyroll Manga – a service launching next week on 30th October that will allow customers to read new chapters in twelve of Kodansha’s hottest properties the day they are released in Japan to over 170 countries, including the United Kingdom. The current list of titles is:

– A Town Where You Live

– As The Gods Will – The Second Series

– Attack On Titan

– Coppelion!

– Fairy Tail

– Fort of Apocalypse

– My Wife is Wagatsuma-san

– Mysterious Girlfriend X

– Space Brothers

– The Seven Deadly Sins

– UQ Holder!

– Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Users with a Crunchyroll Premium Account will be able to read new chapters as well as catalogue chapters, whereas free users will only be able to read newly released chapters during the week they are released. This service will be available on both laptop/desktops, as well as Crunchyroll’s iOS and Android apps.

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