Psycho-Pass UK Release Changes

Anime UK News has just received word that Manga Entertainment UK will be changing its release plans for Psycho-Pass. The new details given to AUKN are that the upcoming release of Psycho-Pass Parts 1 and 2, originally penciled in for launch in July, are now being combined into a Complete Series Collection that will be available from 1st September on both DVD and Blu-ray.


In the future, the police have guns named Dominators that can detect a suspect’s “crime factor” by measuring their state of mind and personality. This technique is termed “Psycho-Pass” and if the suspect’s crime factor is above a certain limit, the gun will fire. One of the enforcement officers is Shinya Kougami and this is his story. 

A re-edited version of Psycho-Pass is due to air in the summer season  and a second series is due to launch in October alongside a film, manga, and novel. Just to reiterate, Psycho-Pass will now be released in the UK as a Complete Series Collection on Septmber 01st.


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