Attack On Titan, Death Note and more headed to Netflix UK!

Over the course of 2014, the premium streaming service Netflix has seen a growing number of anime titles joining its expansive catalogue of television shows and movies and according to a Facebook fan page, this trend is set to continue into the new year. While our associates across the pond will be given the chance to use their smartphones, tablets, PCs and games consoles to stream Friends at the beginning of 2015, subscribers in the United Kingdom will finally be able to watch some of the modern classics from Manga Entertainment UK’s catalogue, including Attack On Titan and Death Note. The full list of upcoming anime titles is as follows:

1st January 2015:

  • Death Note.
  • Vampire Knight (Season 1 + 2).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (Season 2).

2nd January 2015:

  • Attack On Titan (Season 1).
  • Black Butler (Season 2).
  • Blue Exorcist.
  • High School of the Dead.
  • Psycho-Pass (Season 1).

Who needs the ups and downs of Ross and Rachel’s romance when you can have the ups and downs of High School of the Dead‘s…*clears throat*.

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