Live Action Black Butler UK Release Trailer

Anime UK News got a major scoop last month when we revealed that Black Butler would be getting a release in cinemas across the UK on October 17th and a UK trailer has been released today to show what audiences will get to enjoy.


The year is 2020 and the action happens in an Asian city where Eastern and Western cultures mix. A young woman named Shiori (Ayame Gouriki) is the orphaned head of the Genpo noble family, owners of a massive toy manufacturing enterprise. Since only males can take over the reins of power in the Genpo family, she must pass herself off as a man and so she wears male clothes and takes on the name Kiyoharu Genpo. On top of running the company, she also functions as a secret watchdog for the Queen, a service that her family has provided for generations.

Shiori is assigned the task of investigating the disappearance of young women and an ongoing serial murder case in which the mummified bodies of various dignitaries are discovered. The only clue left at the crime scenes is a strange tarot card. On the card is a “black invitation” that leads to a deadly world and it may be connected to the deaths of Shiori’s parents. When Shiori receives such an invitation and she finds herself put in peril she summons a demonic butler from hell named Sebastian (Hiro Mizushima). He is an incredibly deadly and beautiful supernatural servant who possesses many skills and traits such as impeccable manners, grace, knowledge, martial arts, and good looks. He will watch over her as they play out their master/servant relationship in the hunt for who sent out the invitations.

As payment for serving Shiori, Sebastian will receive his master’s soul. For Shiori, this is her chance to achieve revenge for the murder of her parents. Who is really behind the serial mummification deaths? Will Shiori finally find out who killed her parents?

The film is based upon the manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso and is directed by Kentaro Otani of the NANA series, and Keiichi Sato of Asura (2012). The details known about the release so far are that the film has been given a 15 certificate and will be the Japanese language version with English subtitles. The film is based upon the manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso and released in the west by Yen Press. The manga has been massively popular and spawned three TV anime, two of which are available in the UK via Manga Entertainment. There are some changes to the original story but it looks like the live action movie stays close to the source. The manga was set in Victorian England while the live action movie version is set 130 years in the future. The main character of the manga, Ciel Phantomhive, has been replaced in the movie by a new one named Shiori who is played by Ayame Gouriki (Akemi Ninomiya in the hilarious drama series Watashi no Kirai na Tantei). The role of the demonic butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is played by Hiro Mizushima (Ryusuke in BECK).

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