Anime UK News Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Another year, another season of buying gifts for loved ones and those who have emotionally blackmailed us to give them a gift. But don’t worry, Anime UK News is back with another gift guide, so gather round for a familiar but different kind of poem….

‘Twas the shop before Christmas, and all through the net
Were many gift givers getting deeper in debt.

The day we all know, that comes once a year, 
Still fills us with dread, instead with cheer.

So many presents to buy, it becomes a chore,
When there’s so few days to shop in stores.

But Anime UK News will lend a hand, 
So relax and enjoy our ideas so grand!

Many watch films at this festive time, 
So here’s a few we think are sublime.

There’s Code GeassNapping Princess, Fireworks too.
Don’t forget the delightful Pokemon I Choose You!

For some nostalgia, there’s Vampire Hunter D,
or the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie pack trilogy!

There are special editions that fans will enjoy,
Sets that’ll surely give them that Christmas joy!

From Cowboy Bebop to Eureka Seven
Or Escaflowne that’ll send them to heaven!

But if that’s a bit pricey, there’s plenty to see
With many more series on Blu-ray and DVD.

With Boy’s Love Junjo Romantica or Yuri on Ice,
And Magical Girls 
Flip Flappers or Matoi for a price.

Try some old school favs like Skip Beat and Wolf’s Rain
Chrono Crusade or When They Cry for unusual terrain.

Then there’s the modern shows that fans can’t miss,
Why not buy them now – they’ll appreciate this!

Try some Black Clover or Attack on Titan,
Sound Euphonium is a series to really enlighten.

Now with your basket full and minds at rest,
We hope this article made you feel less stressed.

But remember to enjoy the most joyful of days,  
‘Cos Christmas only comes once…as they often say.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Anime UK News!



By day, I work in the television industry. By night, I'm a writer for Anime UK News. Twitter: @lilithdarkstorm

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