The Boy and the Beast Trailer with English Subtitles

Australian anime distributor Madman Entertainment have uploaded an English-subbed trailer for the film The Boy and the Beast, the latest title from Mamoru Hosoda (The Wolf Children, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time).


A lonely boy in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward finds that there is another world, the bakemono realm (“Juutengai”). Typically, these two worlds do not meet but the boy gets lost in the bakemono world and becomes the disciple of a lonely bakemono named Kumatetsu who takes the boy under his wing and renames him Kyuuta.

This is an original tale from Mamoru Hosoda and the range of voice actors gathered for the roles is impressive and some have worked with Hosoda before. The bakemono of the story. Kumatetsu, is voiced by Koji Yakusho, a familiar face from live-action Japanese cinema with roles in comedies and dramas like Shall We Dance?, Uchoten Hotel and a string of horror movies directed by Kiyoshi Kursoawa like Cure and Séance. Aoi Miyazaki (Eureka) and Shota Sometani (he puts in an incredible performance as the lead actor in Himizu) voice the child and teenage versions of Kyuuta. The two have worked with Mamoru Hosoda on The Wolf Children, Miyaaki taking the role of Hana the mother of the titular lupine kids.

Other voice actors include:

Mamoru Miyano, a veteran seiyuu who appears in nearly everything with roles like Shuu Tsukiyama in Tokyo Ghoul and Rin in Free!,

Lily Franky, an interesting actor who picks great directors and projects to work on. He has appeared in Like Father, Like Son, and the forthcoming films Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld and the Shinya Tsukamoto film Fires on the Plain,

Yo Oizumi, a solid actor who takes the lead in many films like Bolt from the Blue and has a few voice acting credits in titles like The Cat Returns and Spirited Away,

Haru Kuroki who worked with Hosoda on Wolf Children and took an award for her acting in The Little House at last year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

The film gets its theatrical release on July 11th in Japan. French movie studio Gaumont will handle international sales outside Asia. We’ll keep you updated on any UK release.



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