Light Novel series Outbreak Company is coming to J-Novel Club!

J-Novel Club have started their special announcements with various hints and teases. Today their first title has been revealed.

Over the past couple of weeks the light novel website J-Novel Club had started providing hints and teases on the next batch of novels that will be coming to the service. For those who don’t know about J-Novel Club, they are a special legal reading website that offers light novels translated into English digitally. Their catalogue so far offers titles such as Clockwork Planet, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (known as Grimgar: Ashes & Illusions for the anime version), In Another World With My Smartphone and Occultic;Nine.

Today the first title has been announced, and it’s…..

Outbreak Company

アウトブレイク・カンパニー 萌える侵略者

Hint: #1: Fate. Destiny. Tacos? / Did I say tacos? That’s so 90s, I meant burritos.

Author: Ichiro Sakaki
Illustrator: Yuugen
Translator: Kevin Steinbach
Editor: Sasha McGlynn

The year is 20XX, and Shinichi Kanou is a pretty typical otaku: he loves anime, manga, games, and light novels, but his devotion to the two-dimensional hasn’t always made him the most popular guy around. What he doesn’t know is that Japan has discovered a portal to another world in the vicinity of Mount Fuji. The people of the Eldant Empire, though, only have eyes for one of Japan’s traditional exports: pop culture. Enter Amutech, a purveyor of “general entertainment” that’s secretly run by the Japanese government. Shinichi lands a job as the company’s general manager. Now he finally has a chance to put his nerd know-how to good use spreading the otaku gospel in the Eldant Empire. And wait… he has to work with a half-elf maid, an empress, AND a female soldier to get the job done?

That’s right, the light novel series Outbreak Company will be coming to J-Novel Club translated into English for the first time legally! The anime adaptation ended a couple years ago and has been released on DVD by MVM Entertainment, but you can now read the original source starting with Volume 1! This will also be J-Novel Club’s second title from Kodansha and the second title from author Ichiro Sakaki, with Blue Steel Blasphemer being the first. Ichiro Sakaki is also the author behind Chaika -The Coffin Princess- and Scrapped Princess.

J-Novel Club had this to say about the title:

Outbreak Company is not only our second Kodansha title, but our second Ichiro Sakaki title, the author of Bluesteel Blasphemer and favorites like Chaika and Scrapped Princess! A “portal to another world” isekai with all kinds of moe fun, plus a little bit of politics and real-world Japan in the mix, and you’ve got a long running series that fans of the anime have longed hoped to be able to read in English in full!

You can check out the J-Novel Club catalogue here.


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