J-Novel Club Brings Horror Stories to the Service with Ao Oni and Yume Nikki

The final two titles from the site’s big five teases have finally been revealed, and just in time for the late Halloween treat.

For the previous special announcements, see Outbreak CompanyHow NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, and Walking My Second Path in Life, plus a special J-Novel Club: One Year Later opinion piece from AUKN’s very own Demelza going through how J-Novel Club was like for the first year of its appearance!

J-Novel Club continues their slate of new light novel announcements and now the last two have been officially revealed! The site launched their announcements tease with a bunch of hints to let the fans start guessing. After some delay, they have now revealed the fourth and fifth titles to be added onto their service, courtesy of PHP Institute. J-Novel Club offers a way to read light novels legally, with a small but strong catalogue of titles including Clockwork Planet, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, In Another World With My Smartphone and Occultic;Nine.

The final two titles announced for the service are….

Ao Oni


Ao Oni

Author: Kenji Kuroda
Illustrator: Karin Suzuragi
Translator: Alexander Keller-Nelson
Editor: Megan Denton

Shun is the new kid in school, but he’s already managed to attract the attention of the school bully, who’s now making his life a living hell. It doesn’t seem like things could get any worse, until the night he finds himself and a group of his classmates inside a creepy, abandoned mansion known as the Jailhouse. They quickly start to hear strange sounds and see weird things, but everything escalates when they realize they can’t get out. Once they’re trapped inside, a blue, unnaturally large figure chases after them. Is it a new species? Or is it the ghost of their old classmate who died in an accident? Nobody knows, but one thing is for certain… If it catches them, they’re dead! The scariest game of tag in history begins!

Based on the popular indie horror game from RPG Maker XP, J-Novel Club will be bringing the light novel adaptation translated into English for the first time legally on their service!

Yume Nikki: I Am Not In Your Dream

ゆめにっき -あなたの夢に私はいない-

Yume Nikki: Anata no Yume ni Watashi wa Inai

Author: Akira
Illustrator: Aco Arisaka
Translator: Amber Tamosaitis
Editor: Aimee Zink

Based on the cult hit game, the novelization of Yume Nikki follows a lonesome girl into the bizarre dreamscapes that await her when she falls asleep. Opening doors and wandering aimlessly, is she really as alone as she thinks?

Another title based on the popular indie horror game from RPG Maker 2003, J-Novel Club will be bringing the light novel adaptation translated into English for the first time legally on their service!

That’s all of the new announcements they have to share. You can check out the J-Novel Club catalogue here.


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