Pokémon The Movie 2018 Teased For July Japanese Release

In a break from usual franchise convention, this year’s theatrical instalment of the Pokémon anime series split from the continuity of the currently airing series and went back to the very beginning – telling an alternate reality retelling of Ash’s first meeting with Pikachu, in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. Since then, fans have been wondering about the direction next year’s movie will take. Thanks to a teaser trailer aired as part of Japan’s Oha Suta variety show, we now have our first look at the brand new film:

Tentatively titled Pokémon The Movie 2018, the film appears to be a continuation of the new reality introduced in I Choose You and will be released in Japanese cinemas on 13th July 2018. Animation production will be handled by franchise regular OLM alongside WIT Studio (The Ancient Magus’ BrideAttack On Titan). An interesting note, is how the teaser features Lugia’s theme from Pokémon the Movie 2000.

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The film is being directed by Tetsuo Yajima (Pokémon The Series: XY) with Character Designs by Shizue Kaneko (Pan de Peace!). In addition, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You director Kunihiko Yuyama is working on the film as Animation Supervisor.

The franchise’s usual timeline suggests that our next big news update on the title will be in February 2018, where we may learn its full official title and the film’s poster Pokémon. Of course, you’ll find all the latest news here as and when it happens!

Source: BulbaNews

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