Anime Limited Acquires Lupin the Third Part 5, Confirms Crunchyroll Simulcast

April fools is over and UK distributor Anime Limited have announced their first license of the Spring 2018 anime season with Lupin the Third Part 5.

Lupin the Third Part 5 is the fifth main series to star Lupin and his crew as they venture towards France! The series will also be simulcasting on Crunchyroll for the United Kingdom & Ireland when it begins airing on 3rd April.

Plot Synopsis via AllTheAnime

Lupin the 3rd Part 5 finds our renowned thief and his associate Daisuke Jigen hiding out in an apartment in modern-day rural France, which provides the backdrop for this latest series.

This time around Lupin is drawn into the world of technology via a site on the so-called “dark web” known as Marco Polo – a go-to place for undesirables to purchase illegal items from drugs to firearms. Can Lupin successfully infiltrate a datacenter and carry out a heist to steal digital currency from this virtual realm?

It’s a unique challenge, made all the more so by the presence of Ami, a mysterious hacking genius who has her own interest in Marco Polo, as well as a man who claims to know details of Lupin the 3rd’s past…

Anime Limited will also be releasing Lupin the Third Part IV: The Italian Adventure later this year on Blu-ray. Details for the home video released will be announced soon.


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