The Promised Neverland Anime Announced & Confirmed for NoitaminA in 2019

Throughout the past few weeks there have been hints and teases for an announcement related to the manga series The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland). And recently it has been confirmed that there will be an anime adaptation!

The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland) will be broadcast on the NoitaminA programming block starting this Winter 2019 season (January 2019) in Japan. This will take the slot for Banana Fish once it has finished airing. The anime will also be adapted by studio CloverWorks, who worked on DARLING in the FRANXX and PERSONA5 The Animation.

The original manga source material was written by Kaiu Shirai and began serialisation since August 2016. Posuka Demizu drew the illustrations as well.

To celebrate the news they have also released a promotional announcement video. The YouTube version that is on Aniplex’s channel is geolocked however the official Promised Neverland twitter page has one available:

Viz Media have the rights to the original manga source material as part of their Shonen Jump range. The first couple of volumes are available to read in English. Here’s the plot synopsis of the manga:

The children of the Grace Field House orphanage have their happy lives upended when they find out they’re being raised to be fed to demons. Can they escape their fate before it’s too late?

Life at Grace Field House has been good for Emma and her fellow orphans. While the daily studying and exams they have to take are tough, their loving caretaker provides them with delicious foods and plenty of playtime. But perhaps not everything is as it seems…

Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they refer to as “Mom,” all the kids have enjoyed a comfortable life. Good food, clean clothes and the perfect environment to learn—what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.

At the time of this article the NoitaminA programming block is currently exclusive to Amazon Prime for streaming worldwide, therefore the series will be available on there in English subtitles unless the deal changes later down the line.

You can view the announcement on their official website.

Credit to Yonkou for providing the details as soon as possible on the series!


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