In Another World With My Smartphone listed for UK home video release this October, Drifters also listed

UPDATE: Information for Drifters has been updated with more details including format confirmation!

A while back we reported that Sony Pictures have plans to release Yuri!!! on ICE for the UK, and now we have another Crunchyroll title coming up thanks to a Zavvi listing appearing.

The series discovered is In Another World With My Smartphone, and is currently scheduled for 29th October 2018 as a Blu-ray & DVD combo pack. SRP is £36.99 for the complete series. Like Black Clover and Yuri!!! on ICE, the series is part of the Crunchyroll x Funimation partnership.

You can pre-order the series right now on Zavvi.

The Spring 2017 series offers 12 episodes in both English & Japanese audio with English subtitles. The on-disc content will match the Funimation release from the US with the Blu-ray providing the extra features:

  • Episode 8 Commentary
  • Episode 2 Video Commentary
  • Eyecatch Gallery
  • Textless Opening & Closing Songs
  • Trailers

There’s no word on whether there will be a limited edition release like Funimation in the US had provided. Artwork has not been shown but it is estimated to look similarly to the US release:

In Another World With My Smartphone is available to watch for streaming on Crunchyroll in Japanese audio and on Funimation in English audio. The original light novel source material is also available to read on J-Novel Club with a print version planned for late 2018/early 2019!

Also discovered is a new listing for Drifters on DVD and Blu-ray, with the latter on both Zavvi and Amazon. The series is planned to be released under Universal Pictures UK and since then there had been no updates for quite sometime.

The home video release will feature multiple audio & subtitle languages like Arslan and Seraph (English, Japanese, French, German plus Hard of Hearing English subtitles). The series can be streamed on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Universal Pictures have released an English trailer for their European release:

Both listings were discovered by thedoctor2016 on our forums, Drifters trailer discovered by RocketsSnorlax.

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