Masaaki Yuasa Announces New Anime Film for 2019 Release

The latest anime film from director Masaaki Yuasa (Night is Short, Walk on Girl) will open in Japanese cinemas in summer 2019, the anime auteur confirmed at the Tokyo International Film Festival this weekend.

Titled Kimi to, Nami no Noretara (literal translation: Riding a Wave with You), Science SARU’s third feature film will be a romantic comedy about 19-year old university student and surfing enthusiast Hinako Mukaimizu, and 21 year old righteous firefighter Minato Hinageshi. Masaaki Yuasa noted that the film’s visuals will contrast the characters’ respective themes of water and fire, but also admitted that the film is currently behind schedule with storyboards completed and animation underway, so cast announcements could not be made at this time.

His most recent work being the acclaimed DEVILMAN crybaby series on Netflix, Masaaki Yuasa directed two anime feature films released last year: Tomihiko Morimi romantic comedy adaptation Night is Short, Walk on Girl, as well as the fantasy film Lu over the Wall. Both films were released in UK & Ireland cinemas by Anime Limited, and are currently available on home video. You can read our interview with Masaaki Yuasa about Night is Short, Walk on Girl and Lu over the Wall here.

Source: Anime News Network

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