Reports Suggest Attack On Titan, Cowboy Bebop and More to Leave Netflix in 2019

UPDATE, 23/12/2018 – New On Netflix UK is now reporting that Vampire Knight has returned to Netflix, and that Blue Exorcist will no longer be removed!

Original Article:
While Netflix is quickly becoming a giant of the anime streaming world with acclaimed co-productions like Science SARU’s DEVILMAN crybaby and Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden, the streaming giant is set to lose a few popular series from its backcatalogue in the new year, according to fan website New On Netflix UK. We reached out to Manga UK and Anime Limited to verify the story, but both were unable to comment, aside from Manga UK clarifying that they do not own the SVOD rights for Vampire Knight.

The current list of titles, is supposedly as follows:

16th December 2018:

  • Vampire Knight

1st January 2019:

  • Case Closed (aka Detective Conan)
  • Cowboy Bebop

3rd January 2019:

  • Attack On Titan
  • Blue Exorcist

Attack On Titan will continue to be available for streaming on Crunchyroll, while Blue Exorcist and Vampire Knight are available on home video by Manga UK, and Cowboy Bebop is available on home video courtesy of Anime Limited.

Netflix’s collection of Case Closed starts with episode 748 of the long-running series, through to episode 797. Crunchyroll are currently simulcasting the series, and at time of writing, have episodes 754-924 on their service. With the series unavailable on home video in the UK, the series’ removal from Netflix will leave episodes 748-753 legally unavailable in the country.

While this news has yet to be fully confirmed, removals rarely get the kind of attention the recent Friends crisis had – so better binge these shows anyway, just in case!

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