futekiya Introduces Online Subscription Service for Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Content

Japanese company FANTASISTA, INC. and publisher futekiya has announced an online subscription-based service dedicated to providing fans all around the world access to officially licensed and translated Boys’ Love manga content.

The service features a monthly subscription fee of $6.99 that will allow users to read all of their titles available with more to come in the future. You can join by creating an account on their official website. Please be advised that the site and content are recommended for ages 18 and over.

futekiya began as a Boys’ Love manga news and culture website in 2018 operated by FANTASISTA, INC (a CG/VR production based in Tokyo, Japan). futekiya grew into an official global distributor for licensed BL manga starting in 2019.

futekiya has partnered with Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd to provide a number of BL manga titles for their catalog. Throughout the month of July, members will be able to read the following translated into English:

At 25:00, in Akasaka

(25ji, Akasaka de)


by Hiroko Natsuno

Yuki Shirasaki finally lands a huge role in TV drama Afternoon Dreams after years of toiling in theater. With popular actor Asami Hayama as his costar, Shirasaki plays a gay character in a relationship. But, Shirasaki has zero dating experience with either men or women. Shirasaki struggles to express his character’s feelings and takes drastic measures. To better embrace his new role, Shirasaki goes to a gay bar to find someone to sleep with for the experience.
There, he runs into Hayama. How will Shirasaki react when Asami offers him his body?

The Beautiful Greenness

(Utsukushii Yasai)


by Miecohouse Matsumoto

Taro is a socially awkward 31-year-old with an unhealthy lifestyle and no intention of cooking his own meals. This all changes when he meets Haruki, the friendly neighborhood grocer.

After forcing Taro to buy vegetables, Haruki encounters Taro at a public bath. One thing leads to another, and Taro and Haruki spend a drunken night that reveals Taro’s masochistic tendencies. Between feeding and pampering Taro, Haruki discovers he wants to smother Taro with his love.

Elevator Strategy


by Haruyuki

Despite working at an elite I.T. company, Wataru’s life is less than ideal. Bogged down with overtime and sacrificing weekends, Wataru rolls in and out of work half dead. But, when his sleep time is down…his horny levels are up. When one errant sleepy boner catches the attention of his coworker Jin, Wataru finds himself riding more than just the elevator at work.

Mood Indigo

(Indigo no Kibun)


by Maki Marukido

*Prequel to Maki Marukido’s Pornographer*

Stuck in a rut and plagued with debt, Rio Kijima is at the lowest point of his life when he bumps into Shiro Kido at a funeral. Kido, freshly kicked to the curb by his ex-girlfriend, is Kijima’s former classmate and has a history with him. Despite their past, Kido realizes that they have what each other needs. Kijima offers hot-headed Kido a place to live. Kido gives Kijima a new purpose. As Kido nudges Kijima to come to terms with a drastic career change, he struggles to pull them both out of their Mood Indigo.

Motion Emotion


by Thanat

One day by chance, Ayumu learns his handsome, popular, and younger co-worker Takeru has a crush on someone. Ayumu encourages Takeru to make a move. But every time he does, he notices Takeru standing a little too close to him. Then again, why does his heart pound so much when Takeru stands near him?

As Ayumu wonders how he feels about Takeru, Takeru finally makes a move…on Ayumu!

Motion Emotion also features “Seachange” and Murderous Youth,” BL short stories by Thanat!



by Maki Marukido

Haruhiko Kazumi’s life changes forever the day he rams into novelist Renjiro Kijima…with his bike. A poor college student, Haruhiko can’t compensate Kijima for the accident. So, Kijima offers Haruhiko an unusual deal. Haruhiko can transcribe Kijima’s latest story as he orally dictates it. Little does Haruhiko know, Kijima specializes in erotic novels. Kijima’s alluring voice soon draws him into a world of sensual daydreams.

Shining Stars in Line

(Tsuranaru Stella)


by Hitomi Takano

Hitomi Takano, the artist behind My Boy, explores love through this collection of BL one-shots.

This collection includes… “MILK”, “The Farther You Run, the Closer You Get”, “A Dramatic Reunion”, “The Laugh from Next Door”, and “Shining Stars in Line”

Shinjuku Lucky Hole


by Haruko Kumota

After the sudden death of his debt-ridden father, Kumi’s past life as a high schooler ends forever. His future as a porn star begins when the yakuza throws Kumi into the care of Sakuma, a trainer of adult video talent. While Sakuma teaches Kumi the art of sex, Kumi can’t separate the feeling of love with sex.

Flash forward years later. Kumi and Sakuma live together, work together, and sometimes even platonically share the same bed. They also found their own adult video production company called Lucky Hole.

Sneaky Red


by Thanat

Lately, Misaki’s life has taken an odd turn. Going to work has become more difficult. It isn’t because he hates his job. Instead, Misaki is struggling to show his face to work because a brash college student called Kushiro is regularly bruising up his face. Misaki’s fights with Kushiro should have been normal. A typical jab here, an ordinary bruise there.

But, as Kushiro keeps throwing the punches, Misaki realizes he might just like it.

When We Were in the Rose Forest

(Bara no Mori ni Ita koro)


by Haruko Kumota

*A collection of BL short stories by Haruko Kumota*
When We Were in the Rose Forest explores the depths of Haruko Kumota’s range with an array of erotic, heartwrenching, and at times, humorous stories.

“When We Were in the Rose Forest” depicts a romance between a vampire and his lover reincarnated into an ordinary human.

“The Rain in Monte Carlo” focuses on an older actor and his struggling with his career and working abroad. He asks for help from his beautiful foreign costar to show him around the city…

“Yoshiki and Takumi” is a love story between rival gang members who can’t help how they feel.

“Be Here to Love Me” follows the budding relationship between an office worker with a foot fetish and his colleague with stunning legs.

Future additions and release date details will be covered on their subscription service as well as their social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, Independent artists that publish BL manga will also be featured on futekiya with English translations.

Source: futekiya Press Release


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