Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me with His Smoldering Gaze Volume 2 Review

Back in March Seven Seas began publishing Fire in His Fingertips, a new josei title under their ‘mature’ Ghost Ship imprint. After an interesting first volume, I return to find out if the series can keep the momentum up for Volume 2!

Last time, we saw Souma save his childhood friend Ryo when her apartment complex catches fire. Since then the two have begun to grow closer and Ryo is beginning to wonder if she loves Souma, but with his playboy tendencies, she can’t picture being in a committed relationship with him. 

Things are made worse when the two are invited to a class reunion and Ryo encounters Miu, a girl who used to have feelings for Souma. Seeing all the girls flirt with him, Ryo begins to doubt that Souma would ever be capable of settling down, and feels lonely. 

Things escalate further when the two stay over at Ryo’s family home after the reunion where her parents mistakenly believe the two are dating already. Souma is more than happy to play along with the idea, but Ryo is thrown further into despair at the thought of something she’s sure she can’t have.

I can’t help but feel a lot of the problems our cast face in the six chapters included in Volume 2 could be avoided if they just talked to each other. Well, Ryo not approaching Souma is reasonably understandable but if Souma just said he loved her, everything would be okay. It was easy to forgive this not happening in Volume 1, but it does feel like a bit of a stretch this time around. 

Having said that, there is still plenty of character development in this volume for both Ryo and Souma. We also get introduced to some of Souma’s fellow fireman-workmates on a trip to the beach, which helps flesh out Souma’s life outside of his time with Ryo. While there isn’t enough time between all the drama and sexual content to explore this to its fullest, I do appreciate that Fire in His Fingertips tries to show us that these characters have things going on in their lives apart from the romantic melodrama. 

It’s worth mentioning that whether you were reading the series for the sexual content or hoping it would be toned down in Volume 2, things have largely stayed the same. Within the six chapters, there is only one that is relatively sex-free, although some chapters are better than others. If you read Volume 1 then you’ll certainly know what to expect here. 

One minor concern this instalment leaves me with is wondering where the story is headed going forward. By the end of this book, all the on-going plot threads have been wrapped up and it’s hard to imagine what could happen next, except for needless drama. Hopefully whatever does happen feels natural. 

Fire in His Fingertips Volume 2 comes to the West thanks to Seven Seas and has been translated by Jennifer Ward. The translation reads well with no problems to speak of. While there is a third (and soon to be fourth) volume of the series in Japan, Seven Seas currently don’t have it scheduled for an English release. Since it’s on a fairly slow schedule both here and in Japan, I imagine Seven Seas will schedule it toward the middle of next year. 

Overall, Fire in His Fingertips continues to be an interesting read despite turning up the drama a bit too much for my tastes. If you enjoyed Volume 1 then you’ll certainly like this one too, but I am concerned that whatever comes next will feel like forced drama. 

7 / 10


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