Crunchyroll Announces Price Reduction for Monthly Memberships

In a world currently gripped in a cost-of-living crisis and seemingly ever-increasing prices, the anime streaming service Crunchyroll have today announced that they are reducing the cost of their monthly membership tiers in a number of territories including the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, meaning that their large library of anime will soon be available from only £4.99 per month.

For Crunchyroll’s most basic tier, the Fan Membership, the reduction in price from £6.50 to £4.99 per month effectively reverses an increase implemented in 2019, while the upgraded “Mega Fan” tier that allows offline downloading and viewing on multiple devices sees a similar reduction from £7.99 (€9.99) to £5.99 (€6.49). The Mega Fan annual subscription is currently priced at £59.99.

These price changes are effective immediately for new subscribers, and will take effect for existing members during their next payment cycle. A full list of territories included in this price reduction can be found on Crunchyroll’s website.

Josh A. Stevens

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